The Context - Shredder

First of all, I want to introduce them to the context - Shredder.

What is the Context Shredder?

If you delete files with Windows Explorer, they will be moved in to the Recycle Bin first.
Then click Empty Recycle Bin will be deleted at first but not really.

Many tools can easily recover your data.

This is exactly where the context shredder comes in with some options, the program is able to make this irretrievable
from your disk.

This tool is designed precisely to permanently take sensitive data from your drive or disk
remove irretrievably delete.

You can create your own deletion orders or use the orders that have already been supplied.
Use the disk shredder to overwrite free memory area to overwrite previously deleted files of the drive or disk content
is thus rendered illegible, unusable.

Another option is the Secure format, which can be found in the diskshredder module, in the Tools, Tools menu item.
The Erase-Wizard helps you to use your daily work in a simple and easy way to use.

The Portable Shredder is a file manager that helps you to remotely unlock or delete data on their hard drive.

Content, program list:

        1.) Erase - Wizard, the delete assistant
        2.) The peculiar context shredder
        3.) The DOS program Shredder, is located in the Windows directory after installation
             and can be started with the MS prompt.
        4.) The Portable Shredder program is a file manager that allows you to
             documents and then remove them.

Choose from the many deletion methods:

         1.) 1x Simple
         2.) 1x British HMG IS5 Base Line
         3.) 1x Russian GOST P50739
         4.) 3x DoD 5220.22-M E
         5.) 3x US Army AR380 19
         6.) 3x US Air Force 5020
         7.) 3x Extended random file cutter,   (This Option is now released)
         8.) 7x US DoD 5220.22-M ECE
         9.) 7x German VSITR
        10.) 7x Bruce Schneier
        11.) 10x Extended random file cutter,   (This Option is now released)
        12.) 35x Gutmann
        13.) 70x Aggressive Gutmann

You should always use this averting with caution data that is connected to the context shredder


Windows 7 or later
At least 50 MB of free disk space
2 GB - Memory

Net - Framework 6.0 or higher

Attention: you need administrator RIGHTS


The Erase - Wizard

The  Context - Shredder


Context - Shredder for x86 32 bit Systems

Context - Shredder for x64 64 bit Systems